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Leica DISTO™ DST360 Point to Point Accessory (P2P) for DISTO™ X3/X4

The Leica DISTO DST 360 is a powerful addition to your Leica DISTO X3 and X4. It will transform your handheld tool into a real measuring station. In combination with the Leica DISTO plan app you can draw scaled plans which can be used in CAD tools. The Leica DST 360 is made entirely out of metal, ensuring the durability and continuous precision in taking measurements. The Leica DST 360 comes with a compact but sturdy tripod TRI 120. Both are stored in a very robust case (IP 67) with space for your Leica DISTO X3 or X4. This means all your equipment is stored safely in one place.

  • Powerful addition to your Leica Disto x3 and x4, giving the ability to take remote measurements
  • When combined with Leica Disto plan app, you can create scaled Drawings to import into CAD systems
  • Fine tuning adjustment knobs to maintain precise and accurate measurements
  • Durable metal construction with Robust case ready to tackle any jobsite conditions


  • Leica DST360
  • TRI120 tripod
  • Hard Case


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Download (4.35M)

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