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RS21 - Finished Floor Level and Axis Markers self-adhesive

The RS21 targets are designed to be distinct at every stage of a construction process and from any professional who undertakes to perform a job in the field.

Available in 2 colors: white or red. Please select below.

  • For permanently ensuring the surveyed measurements are securely marked until after plastering work
  • For ensuring heights and finished floor level (FFL) are securely marked until after plastering
  • For ensuring axes are securely marked until after plastering
  • The RS20 & RS21 Datum Markers are also available in red without the inscription “Meterriss”. Article no. RS20r oM. and RS21r oM.
  • Datum Markers RS20 and RS21 after plastering work, the upper edge of the pin acts as the marker
  • The Datum Markers stay under the plaster as proof.
  • RS21 Datum Markers are perfect for attaching to round pillars.
  • Before mounting on the pillar, use a carpet knife to cut into the plastic surround on the Datum Markers approximately 4 times at one centimeter intervals. The Datum Markers can then be attached easily to pillars with a small diameter.