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Geo-Fennel FIRT 1000 DataVision - Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometer with a large temperature range and integrated 2.2“ TFT colour LC display for monitoring and evaluation of monitored data.

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Trades and tasks: Old-building renovation, heating, ventilation construction, building construction, food control, drying facility, isolation (heat loss).


  • For non-contact temperature measurement with laser dot
  • Short response time of 150 ms and an accuracy of ± 1,0 %
  • 2.2“ TFT colour LC display
  • Dual laser pointer for better targeting
  • Permanent measuring
  • Compatible with all standard connector Type-K thermocouples
  • Easy transmission of measurements to PC via USB
  • Memory socket for Micro-SD Cards
  • Integrated camera for images (JEPG) and video (AVI)
  • Date / Time function
  • Measurement of air humidity and ambient temperature
  • Determination of dewpoint

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