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CHASING Floodlight 2

CHASING FLOODLIGHT 2 is an accessory specially engineered and developed for the CHASING M2 and M2 PRO. The external illumination has adjustable beam angles ranging from 0° to 180°, significantly decreasing the visual interference of floating debris reflection. The unit is made of carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminium, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. 

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CHASING FLOODLIGHT 2 can significantly improve the quality of underwater images in scenarios where the natural illumination is weak. The use of CHASING FLOODLIGHT 2 can provide users with more illumination solutions for underwater explorations.

0°- 180° Adjustable Beam Angle

Dual lamp sources allow the adjustment from 0° to 180° horizontal beam angles, meeting various needs of underwater applications with maximized illumination area.

External Illumination, Minimized Visual Interference of Floating Debris

The external illumination can minimize the visual interference of floating debris and significantly increase the image quality.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminium & Carbon Fiber , Lightweight & Corrosion-Resistant

The HA III Military grade hard-anodized surface makes CHASING FLOODLIGHT 2 lightweight, corrosion-resistant and perfectly working at 150m deep water. The slim-shaped unit only weighs 432g (15.3oz), which is easy to carry and store.

Product Parameters

  • Dimensions(mm) 418mm
  • Weight ≈432g (15.3oz)
  • Angle of depression -10°
  • Horizontal angle 360° adjustable
  • Pressure resistance depth 150m
  • Brightness 2*2000lm

Data sheet

Compatible with
LED Lumens
2 x 2000

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