CHASING AC Power Supply Module with 100m cable

The CHASING AC POWER SYSTEM is an exclusive advanced accessory for the CHASING M2 PRO underwater ROV. When used with the CHASING Control Console, it enables the ROV to support a mixture of AC power and battery power to achieve unlimited runtime.

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Use with Control Console to Achieve Unlimited Battery Life

After connecting the AC power supply to the control console and connecting the control console to the AC power supply module via an AC cable, the system will continuously supply power to the underwater ROV to achieve unlimited working hours.

4-core AC Cable in Either 100m/200m Lengths

The 4-core AC cable provides communication and power supply capabilities for the underwater ROV up to a maximum of 200 meters.

Manual Winder for Easy Cable Management

The AC power supply system is equipped with a winder to facilitate cable management and put an end to the troubles of winding.


  • Size: 118*148.5mm
  • Weight: ≈1200g
  • In-out: Input AC200-240V, Output DC25.2V 10A
  • Power: 250W
  • Cable length: 100/200 meters
  • Wire diameter: 6.5mm
  • Core wire: Silver-coated copper 27AWG*2 + 25AWG*2

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