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Geo-Fennel TheoDist® FTD 05 - Total Station

The geo-FENNEL TheoDist® is designed to be user friendly and quick to set up on any construction site. Easy to handle, robust, exact and reliable.

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The main features of the geo-FENNEL TheoDist® are:

  • Measuring programmes that provide efficient and easy solutions for setting out
  • Three-dimensional measurement of coordinates
  • Menu-driven software with intuitive structure to maximise productivity
  • A visible laser pointer to improve targeting accuracy, allowing measurements to be taken without looking through the telescope
  • Data upload and download to PC via the RS-232 connection or SD card (FTD 02)
  • Measuring range of up to 300 m (FTD 05: 200 m) without reflector
  • Quick and easy set-up with the integrated laser plummet

The geo-FENNEL TheoDist® series is equipped with a variety of programmes, from simple distance and angle measurement to precise three-dimensional setting out.

  • Missing line
  • Offset
  • Remote elevation measurement
  • Resection
  • Integrated application programmes for setting out office-generated designs
  • Area

The communication software supplied with the geo-FENNEL TheoDist® allows the user to save the data in various formats. The data files can be converted into DXF format, making them suitable for upload into CAD software such as AutoCAD® .


  • Coordinate measuring
  • Setting out points
  • Resection
  • Missing line measurement
  • Offset point
  • Remote elevation measurement
  • Area calculation

Supplied with:

  • Desktop charge
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Serial cable
  • Software
  • Stake-out aid RS 96
  • Container

Data sheet

Μέτρηση Απόστασης
Μέτρηση Απόστασης
Accuracy with prism
3mm + 2ppm
Accuracy without prism
3mm + 2ppm
Εύρος Μέτρησης με Πρίσμα
Εύρος Μέτρησης Χωρίς Πρίσμα
Μέτρηση Γωνιών
Μέτρηση Γωνιών
Γωνιομετρική Ακρίβεια

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