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GeoMax Zoom75 Robotic Total Station

The GeoMax Zoom75 Series Robotic Total Station is packed with modern features to meet your surveying needs while remaining surprisingly affordable. This survey device is a smart choice for either construction professionals or surveying novices.


  • Made for professionals and novices
  • Bluetooth equipped
  • Ease-of-use plus mobility
  • Data handling efficiency
  • accXess EDM technology
Angle measurement accuracy
Reflectorless Range

One-person Total Station

The Zoom75 is equipped with a long-range Bluetooth handle and is a reliable one-person total station. It also has the GEOTRail function. This advanced prism search is based on the GNSS position acquired from your field controller. The Zoom75 also eliminates the need for power-consuming active prisms, making it a prime choice in any work area. Moreover, this system is light, which allows for increased mobility at work.

Convenience in your Hands

Zoom75 is designed for both novice surveyors and professionals because while this is a powerful instrument, it is also surprisingly easy to operate. Also, the Zoom75’s capabilities are fully maximized with the X-PAD software, which is available for both Android and Windows. Aside from this, the X-PAD, with its user-friendly design and intelligent workflow, eliminates the need for training. You can dive right in and perform the survey task at hand.

Real-Time Solution

Manage data and handle files while on-site with the Zoom75. It has a large 5” display and touch screen along with alphanumeric keys. You can store data in the 2 GB internal memory with a removable SD card and USB stick. Most importantly, the Zoom75’s high-performing processor is strong enough to handle even big files.  

accXess EDM technology

With the accXess EDM technology, the Zoom75 ensures accuracy in any distance or condition. This accuracy is made possible because of the extended measuring range and extra small laser spot. This technology comes in two range options: the A5 (1640 feet/500 meters) and A10 (3280 feet/1000 meters), with both options available in four accuracies.  

Configuration Options

The Zoom75 Robotic Total Station is available in 8 options.

  • 6017097 Zoom75 A10 Robotic Total Station 5” Accuracy
  • 6017134 Zoom75 A10 Robotic Total Station 3” Accuracy
  • 6017098 Zoom75 A10 Robotic Total Station 2” Accuracy
  • 6017099 Zoom75 A10 Robotic Total Station 1” Accuracy
  • 6017094 Zoom75 A5 Robotic Total Station 5” Accuracy
  • 6017135 Zoom75 A5 Robotic Total Station 3” Accuracy
  • 6017095 Zoom75 A5 Robotic Total Station 2” Accuracy
  • 6017096 Zoom75 A5 Robotic Total Station 1” Accuracy


  • Zoom75 Series Robotic Total Station
  • Tribrach (w/o optical plummet)
  • Prism (w/rubber caps)
  • USB Memory Stick 
  • USB Cable
  • Battery and Charger

Data sheet

Operating system
Open Windows CE
Angle measurement accuracy
1", 2", 3", 5"
Quadruple axis
5.0 - 5.3 kg w/o battery & tribrach
1 year
Working Temperature
Internal Memory
2 GB
External Memory
SD Card
USB stick
Dust / Water Protection
Accuracy with prism
1mm + 1.5ppm
Accuracy without prism
2mm + 2ppm
Single Prism Range
Reflectorless Range
500m / 1000m
Screen Size
Screen Resolution
800 x 480
Total Station Type