Who We Are

Are you passionate about your job?

Do you want to measure easily, quickly and with maximum accuracy?

Do you think that professional equipment also requires professional support?

Do you want to feel safe when you are on the field and know that no matter what happens you are not alone?

If so, then you are in the right place.

We created TopoMarket having as a criterion to cover all the needs of the professional. From the supply of reliable and easy-to-use equipment to the support, maintenance and provision of specialized consulting and other services.

We cooperate with large manufacturers of Topographic instruments and accessories, such as the Chinese Hi-Target whose we are exclusive representatives in Greece, Geomax, member of HEXAGON Group and Geo-Fennel and ADA Instruments, but also with Greek companies, renowned in the field such as METRICA A.E. through which we provide services of Technical Support, Equipment Maintenance and Network of Permanent Reference Stations as Authorized SmartNet Resellers.

Precisely because we believe that good relationships with our customers are built both during the sale, but especially after that, with reliable and specialized support, we made sure to be staffed with reputable professionals who are ready to provide responsible advice to fully meet the needs of the professional. 

At the same time, with the exclusive cooperation with the company METRICA A.E. we have ensured that our customers will never be left without reliable technical support and service of their equipment. At METRICA A.E. operates a fully staffed technical support department, ready to solve any problem and meet any need of the Engineer in the field, while the Service laboratory of the company already has trained staff in all instruments of Hi-Target and Geomax, GPS & Total Stations and all the necessary logistics infrastructure to deal with breakdowns, accidents and regular maintenance of your equipment.

So we ensure excellent cooperation with our customers at every level and we are ready to face any challenge responsibly and reliably.

TOPOMARKET IKE, registration number: 142180501000 and VAT: 800823842 (Tax Office of Nea Ionia), headquarters 88, Ginosati Str., 1st Floor, Metamorfosi Attica, Greece, PC 144 52.

The company has ISO 9001: 2015 certification


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