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Barani Design MeteoWind® IoT Pro Anemometer

Wireless wind speed & direction sensor per WMO

Compact wireless WMO accuracy wind sensor for urban-meteorology, agriculture, smart cities, and resilient city projects. Offers 4+ months of battery life without sun and maintenance-free service life with long-term measurement stability due to its elliptical cups and metal construction. Comes with free lifetime access to the allMETEO® weather portal and secure open communication protocol to connect directly to your own platform if required.

Barani Design
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WMO conforming wireless wind station

Elliptic cups guarantee high accuracy and data availability in all-weather with superb performance in snowy conditions. Solar powered wireless transmitter ensures 4+ months of run time even when covered by snow or ice.

Based on the MeteoWind® Compact anemometer which exceed the highest MEASNET/WMO/NWS measurement standards of accuracy, this robust all-metal anemometer and wind direction vane additionally offers wireless IoT ease of use and setup. 

  • Very low starting wind speed of less than 0.2 m/s
  • Excellent long-term precision and accuracy meeting all World Meteorological Organization (WMO) measurement standards.
  • Flat elliptic cups offer resistance to snow buildup improve snow shedding over conical and spherical cups.
  • Available with a built in internal heater for high data availability in winter hoar frost and rime ice conditions such as found on ski resorts.



Patented elliptical design offers a larger wind blown area than circular and conical cups for higher aerodynamic torque to overcome bearing friction. Result is more consistent anemometer response throughout the complete air temperature range.


  • Low starting speeds
  • Long-term dirt, dust and sand resistance created by the use of larger bearings which offer long-term measurement stability not effected by dirt
  • Reduces effects of rain and snow on anemometer linearity
  • Faster response than ultrasonic anemometers with < 0.3 second time constant at 4 m/s.


Aerodynamic stability in all-weather and throughout the complete wind speed range is a result of the elliptical cup cross section. Elliptical cup cross section is a very stable aerodynamic shape.


  • High full-scale linearity throughout the whole wind speed range
  • Rain and dirt buildup on cups have minimal influence on measurement stability
  • Flat elliptic cups reduce ability for snow buildup on anemometer cups
  • Superb off-axis response for reliable data in turbulent environments


Efficient all metal design with superb response rate and good aerodynamic damping to prevent overshoots and reduce wind data noise. Held in place by two oversize stainless steel ball bearings for robustness and dirt resistance.


  • Fast response and low rotational inertia
  • Low starting wind speed <0.2 m/s
  • Long-term dirt, dust and sand resistance created by the use of two oversize bearings for long-term measurement stability and strength
  • All-metal construction for strength and long life


  • Rugged corrosion resistant anodized aluminum body and wind vane
  • Tough fiber reinforced cups from FRP material tested to -60 °C for good impact resistance
  • Open communication protocol allows customers to retrieve data directly from the sensor or to use our allMETEO® weather data platform
  • Easily mix and match your weather station configuration with the following professional wireless all-in-one sensors. 
  • MeteoHelix® IoT Pro or Home wireless micro-weather station
  • MeteoRain® IoT Compact wireless rain gauge
  • MeteoWind® IoT Pro wireless wind meter


  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Maximum gust wind speed
  • Direction of maximum gust

What is included:

  • Universal steel mount and mounting screws
  • Free access to the allMETEO web portal
  • 5m (16ft) long cable connecting the wireless module and anemometer

All-in-One Weather Station with software 

Manage your weather data and weather station settings in one place and export your backed up data to your favorite weather portal or analytical software.

Technical Data Sheet


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