Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set
  • Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set
  • Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set
  • Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set
  • Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set
  • Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set
  • Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set

Barani Design All Wireless Weather Station Set

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Composed of all wireless sensors including the MeteoHelix® IoT Pro, MeteoWind® IoT Pro and the MeteoRain® IoT Compact. WMO certified professional all-in-one wireless weather station ensures your measurements comply with WMO/NWS accuracy standards. This weather station set is the most affordable wireless way for meteorological and oceanographic institutions to build WMO and NWS compliant networks. 

Barani Design

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All Wireless Weather Station set is made up of the following products:

  • MeteoHelix® IoT Pro
  • MeteoWind® IoT Pro
  • MeteoRain® IoT Compact

Modular design - simply match sensors to your requirements

  • Mix and match weather station modules to suit your exact needs.
  • No wires to connect, simply turn on the weather station components in your office, verify data is flowing and install the sensors and sensor modules.
  • Professional precision verified to meet the WMO and NWS standards of long-term precision and accuracy.
  • Professional sensors which are field-proven and in use all around the world.

BARANI DESIGN Technologies has taken advantage of low-power long-range wireless technologies to modularize the weather station concept as we know it today. 

Modularity = savings

  • Purchase only the sensor modules you need without having to purchase all-in-one weather stations for every location.
  • MeteoHelix® weather station sets let you take advantage of additional savings as compared to individual wireless sensor module purchases.
  • All wireless modules include built-in solar charging. 
  • All solar powered weather station modules include a built-in or replaceable battery to ensure uninterrupted operation of at least 4 months without sun.

Multiple wireless options

Wifi weather station (LoRaWAN based) connection uses a Wifi-to-LoRaWAN gateway with the following advantages compared to Wifi only weather stations:

  • LoRaWAN wireless range is 10x to 30x longer than Wifi
  • LoRaWAN promotes enhanced battery life as compared to Wifi
  • More reliable data transfer since the Signal-to-Noise (SNR) ratio is much higher for LoRaWAN than Wifi
  • Only 5-minute setup connecting to Wifi with the Wifi-to-LoRaWAN gateway 
  • By simply adding additional gateways you can create redundancy and enhanced data reliability for LoRaWAN sensors very affordably

Ethernet weather station can use either an Ethernet-to-LoRaWAN or an Ethernet-to-Sigfox gateway with all of the advantages that LoRaWAN and Sigfox have over Wifi or Ethernet and NB-IoT, CAT-M1 GPRS, 3G or 4G LTE.

Sigfox weather station offers unparalleled ease of use and installation as compared to any other wireless technologies and superb data reliability wherever Sigfox wireless coverage is found:

  • No Wifi or internet connection is required
  • Wireless transmission ranges of over 20 miles have been reported
  • Case study on Sigfox wireless transmission reliability in an Avalanche rescue application can be found here: How tough is the toughest weather station?
  • Create Sigfox coverage wherever you have Internet or 3G/4G/LTE coverage with a Sigfox micro-gateway

Barani Design - All Wireless Weather Station Set

All-in-One Weather Station with software

Manage your weather data and weather station settings in one place and export your backed up data to your favorite weather portal or analytical software.



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