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Leica DST 360 Adapter

Designed specifically for Leica instruments, the Leica DST 360 Adapter easily converts the Disto X3, Disto X4, and BLK3D Imager from a handheld tool into a sturdy measurement station. This bracket provides precise P2P measurements or distance measurements between any two points from a single position. It exchanges measurement data with the device to allow horizontal and vertical angle measurements.


The Leica DST 360 Adapter is made entirely of metal, making it robust and perfect for outdoor use. Some of its features and capabilities include a measure plan, measure facade, leveled measurement, and smart area measurement.


  • Compatible with the Leica Disto X3 and X4 laser distance meters and Leica BLK3D Imager
  • Provides precise P2P measurements
  • Enables horizontal and vertical angle measurements
  • Made entirely of metal
  • Measure plan and measure facade
  • Capable of point to point levelled measurements and smart area measurements


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