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Leica DST 360 Adapter

Designed specifically for Leica instruments, the Leica DST 360 Adapter easily converts the Disto X3, Disto X4, and BLK3D Imager from a handheld tool into a sturdy measurement station. This bracket provides precise P2P measurements or distance measurements between any two points from a single position. It exchanges measurement data with the device to allow horizontal and vertical angle measurements.

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The Leica DST 360 Adapter is made entirely of metal, making it robust and perfect for outdoor use. Some of its features and capabilities include a measure plan, measure facade, leveled measurement, and smart area measurement.


  • Compatible with the Leica Disto X3 and X4 laser distance meters and Leica BLK3D Imager
  • Provides precise P2P measurements
  • Enables horizontal and vertical angle measurements
  • Made entirely of metal
  • Measure plan and measure facade
  • Capable of point to point levelled measurements and smart area measurements

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