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Leica TA360 | Tripod Adapter

The Leica TA360 Tripod Adapter is a metal tripod head that enables extremely accurate measurements to be taken using your Leica Disto D5, D8, or the new E7500i laser measuring tools. Designed to fit perfectly onto both the Leica TRI70 and TRI100 tripods, this adapter tilts and rotates around a fixed point on the rear of your disto so that your reference point is aligned in both the horizontal and vertical axis.

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  • Fixed reference point when measuring vertically or horizontally
  • Increased accuracy for indirect measurement
  • Connects to Leica TRI 70, TRI 100 & TRI 200 tripod
  • Rotates 360°
  • Compatible with Leica Disto D5, D8, and E7500i

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