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ADA Cosmo 120 Laser Distance Meter

Laser distance meter ADA COSMO 120 Video is a novelty of 2017 on the market of professional laser distance meters. Unique combination of digital viewer and 360° tilt sensor allow to take measurements that are impossible to take with ordinary laser distance meters.

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Easy and accurate aiming

Built-in digital viewer ADA COSMO 120 Video allows to take measurements with high accuracy in unfavorable light conditions. This is a decided advantage when work outside in sunny weather. Even if the red dot of laser pointer is invisible, it is possible to aim laser distance meter at the object with the help of reticule on the display.

Accuracy and distance

Laser distance meter ADA COSMO 120 Video is designed for high distance measurements up to 120 m. Error is ±1,5mm.

Measurements of inclined objects

Due to the tilt measurements ADA COSMO 120 Video can define the inclination of the roof. Just take three distance measurements and ADA COSMO 120 Video define the inclination at once. Also the additional detailed information about area of trapezoid is shown on the display.

Built-in 360° tilt sensor

ADA COSMO 120 Video is equipped with tilt sensor. Due to the combination of distance measurement and inclination it is possible to define horizontal distance without any difficulties. Even through obstacles. Also it is possible to define the inclination of any surface. Just use ADA COSMO 120 Video as a digital level. Place ADA COSMO 120 Video on the tripod for accurate indirect measurements.

Painter function

Due to this function it is possible to define the total area of all walls in the room. And there is no need to write down the intermediate results. This function is very convenient for calculation of the material and price of the work. Just measure the height of the wall once and length of all walls. Total area is calculated automatically.

Distance marking

ADA COSMO 120 Video can measure equal distances with specified length. For example, the installation of the fence stakes at fixed distances. It is enough to set the distance between the nearest stakes and start the measurement from the start point. ADA COSMO 150 Video will give a sound alarm when it will approach to the place of stakes installation.

Measurement transmission through BT

ADA COSMO 120 Video allows transmitting data through built-in BT. It’s very convenient and fast.

Laser distance meter ADA COSMO 150 Video is ideal choice for outside work. Take fast and accurate measurements at large distances with the help of digital viewer.


  • Working range: 0.05 to 120 m
  • Accuracy: ±1.5 mm
  • Tilt measurement range: ±90°
  • Accuracy of tilt sensor: ±0.3°
  • Data transfer: BT
  • Pointfinder: Yes
  • Minimum unit of measurement: 1 mm
  • Laser class: 2
  • Laser type: 620-690 nm, < 1 mW
  • Automatic shut-off: In  180 sec
  • Battery: 3x AAA / 1.5V or 3.7V lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 137x52x28mm
  • Weight: 150 g


  • Laser distance meter
  • Holster
  • Batteries
  • Reflective plate
  • Brief operating manual

Data sheet

Tilt Sensor
150 g
120 m
2 years
Power supply
Li-Ion / 3 X AA
Laser Class
Accuracy (mm to 10 meters)
± 1.5
Dust / Water Protection
Digital Pointfinder
Tripod connection 1/4"
Automatic End-Piece

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