GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver
  • GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver

GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver


Reliable and efficient, the GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Full GNSS Receiver is a powerful, calibration-free smart antenna which provides accurate, flexible, and fast work in the field. Incorporating state-of-the art technology, this newest addition to the Geomax GNSS system ensures an increase in productivity, and a smooth workflow to speed up your tasks.


  • Calibration-Free, Powerful Smart Antenna
  • 4G LTE Enabled for a Wider Reach
  • Accurate and Precise Data w/ Precise Point Positioning 
  • Electromagnetic Resistant
  • Extended battery life up to 12 hours
  • Reliable Tracking via 555 NovaTel channels

GeoMax Zenith60

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Superior Technology

The Zenith60 is designed with the 4G LTE module, making sure that the RTK data is well-received anywhere you are. It is resistant to electromagnetic interference, ensuring that the professional will receive reliable and accurate data in the field. Since the device is calibration-free, there is no need to level the pole when using the GNSS Receiver.

The Zenith60 is equipped with the trusted NovAtel measurement engine, enabling the user to receive multi-frequency signals from all existing satellite systems worldwide. This GNSS Receiver also features the Hexagon’s TerraStar Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service, providing C-Pro correction data at centimeter-level quality all around the globe.

Open and Flexible Configuration

The Zenith60 can be run on GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate on a dedicated GeoMax field controller or your preferred software on your own device. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to choose the software and device depending on your needs. The GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate is an intuitive field software known for its clear structure and high functionality.

Safe and Efficient Data Management

Featuring the X-PAD 365, which is a web-based GeoMax cloud platform, the surveyor can easily access, store, and share data received from the Zenith60. The file manager on the cloud platform performs an automatic back-up, and also has the Collaborative Survey and Stakeout feature, which enables other users to work on the same surveys and projects together. The Zenith60 device has an 8gb internal memory for data storage.

Product Options

The Geomax Zenith60 LTE GNSS Receiver comes in different options that vary on the model features.

You can choose the GNSS device with the built-in UHF radio from SATEL TR4+, which supports most protocols in the market. You can also choose the Zenith60 which has a built-in IMU technology, enabling tilt capability, which accurately measures inaccessible points with the antenna tilted, effectively achieving a faster result. The rover set that has all the features, LTE-UHF-IMU, is also available. 

  • Standard LTE GNSS Flexible Rover Set (6017290)
  • LTE GNSS Flexible Rover Set w/UHF Module (6017291)
  • LTE GNSS Flexible Rover Set w/IMU Technology (6017292)
  • LTE GNSS Flexible Rover Set w/UHF Module & IMU Technology (6017293)


  • Zenith60 Full GNSS Receiver
  • MicroSD card 
  • Hard container
  • USB Cable 
  • Multilingual quick guide and CD with user manual
  • 2 x Li-ion rechargeable battery & battery charger
  • ZCH201 Battery charger for ZBA201 Gainflex UHF-Antenna (UHF model only)
  • ZPCP200 Telescopic Carbon Fibre and Aluminum Pole
  • 1-year warranty


Data sheet

GNSS Surveying
UHF Radio modem
Yes (Optional)
Tilt Sensor
Removable microSD card
Satellite Systems
GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, SBAS, QZSS
75 x 166.8 mm
1.14 kg
1 year
Working Temperature
Dust / Water Protection


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