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ADA AeroTemp IP65 Anemometer - Thermometer

Anemometer ADA AeroTemp IP65 is used for the measurement of air speed and its temperature. This instrument is ideal for usage on the environmental monitoring stations, inspection of ventilation, air-conditioning, in yachting sport, parachuting. Anemometer ADA AeroTemp IP65 is a compact and easy to use instrument.

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ADA AeroTemp IP65 measures temperature and speed of air flow simultaneously. It is possible to change the units of temperature and speed measurements. The measurements can be taken with given parameters: instantaneous value, average or maximum value for the measurement period. The shape of the instrument housing is very convenient for measurements. Windmill of the anemometer is built-in into the housing and is covered with protective cap on the safety strap. It’s impossible to loose protective cap. Display has illumination for operation in poor lighting. Function of automatic shut-off saves the battery life.


  • Measurement of air flow speed together with temperature measurement
  • Built-in windmill
  • Indication of instantaneous, average or maximum value of air flow rate
  • Indication of air flow rate in m/s, f/min, sea miles/h, km/h, ml/h
  • Indication of temperature in °С, °F
  • Illumination of the display
  • Automatic shut-off 


  • Measuring range (temperature): -10℃ … +45℃
  • Measuring range of windspeed: 0 … 30.0m/s(0 … 5860ft/min)
  • Measurement accuracy of temperature :±2℃
  • Accuracy of wind speed: ±3%
  • Resolution: accuracy 0.1℃
  • Wind speed: 0.1m/s(19ft/min)
  • Time response for wind speed measurement: 2s
  • Illumination switch-off: Approximately in 15 s
  • Automatic shut-off: Approximately in 5min
  • Power supply: CR2032
  • Operating temperature: -10℃ … +45℃
  • Dimensions: 126×47×21mm
  • Weight: about 84.5g (w/o battery)


  • Anemometer
  • Battery
  • Operating manual 

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Thermometer - Anemometer

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