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GeoMax Zoom50 Total Station

The Geomax Zoom50 Series Reflectorless Total Station features high performance accXess EDM technology and a smart distance measurement engine that is tailored for outstanding range, speed, and precision. With a reflectorless range of up to 3,280 feet, the Zoom 50 has a typical measurement time of one second and is equipped with quadruple-axis compensation. This Geomax Total Station has an outstanding range of up to 11,483 feet using a single prism.


  • Accuracy up to 5"
  • Reflectorless range up to 3,280 feet 
  • Internal memory up to 50,000 points 
  • Integrated Geomax Pro Onboard Field Software 
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity 
  • IP55 dustproof and low-pressure water jet resistant 
  • Battery Life up to 36 hours 
Angle measurement accuracy
Reflectorless Range

This Geomax Manual Total Station has a built-in laser plummet with adjustable brightness. It also has Bluetooth Class 1 for easy connectivity with data collectors, a RS232 communication port, and a USB port for data sharing and transfer. The Zoom50 has a high capacity internal memory capable of recording data up to 50,000 points. In addition, it boasts an extra-wide 3.5-inch colored touchscreen with a full alphanumeric keyboard.

The Zoom50 Total Station is equipped with Windows Embedded CE OS and Geomax Pro onboard field software that allows Surveyors and Construction professionals to work with versatile and enhanced applications. This Total Station also includes a removable Li-ion internal battery that powers the device up to 36 hours. The Geomax Zoom 50 is dustproof and water-resistant and comes with PowerLock theft protection.

Configuration Options

The Geomax Zoom50 Series Reflectorless Total Station is available in six models with different accuracies and reflectorless range.

  • 6012500 Zoom50, 1",accXXess10 - 1`000m Reflectorless Total Station Package
  • 6012501 Zoom50, 2",accXXess10 - 1`000m Reflectorless Total Station Package
  • 6012502 Zoom50, 5",accXXess10 - 1`000m Reflectorless Total Station Package
  • 6012497 Zoom50, 1",accXess5 - 500m Reflectorless Total Station Package
  • 6012498 Zoom50, 2",accXess5 - 500m Reflectorless Total Station Package
  • 6012499 Zoom50, 5",accXess5 - 500m Reflectorless Total Station Package


  • Zoom50 Series Reflectorless Total Station
  • Hard carrying case
  • Pouch with tools
  • Protective cover
  • ZTR101 standard tribrach without optical plummet
  • Plumb bob
  • USB memory stick
  • ZBA400 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • ZCH201 charger for ZBA201 and ZBA400 Li-ion battery
  • Multilingual quick guide
  • User manual
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Data sheet

Operating system
Embedded CE
Angle measurement accuracy
1", 2", 5"
Quadruple axis
4.2 - 4.5 kg with battery & tribrach
1 year
Working Temperature
Internal Memory
50000 points
External Memory
USB stick
Dust / Water Protection
Accuracy with prism
2mm + 2ppm
Accuracy without prism
2mm + 2ppm
Single Prism Range
Reflectorless Range
500m / 1000m
Screen Size
Screen Resolution
320 x 240
Total Station Type