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Barani Design MeteoHelix® IoT Pro Micro-Weather Station

"Master Your Outdoor Micro-Climate Measurement"

Wireless professional all-in-one micro-weather station ensures your measurements comply with WMO/NWS accuracy standards. Built into the helical MeteoShield® Professional to provide significantly better air temperature accuracy than any other large or small professional weather station on the market. Designed for professional meteorological network building, smart-cities, resilient city initiatives in all-climates.

Barani Design
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MeteoHelix® micro weather stations

Exceeding WMO accuracy standards has never been so easy and affordable.

Designed for measurement precision and ease of use, MeteoHelix IoT weather stations offer professional research grade accuracy meeting World Meteorological Organization


Unique measurement properties of the patented double-helix design make this weather station highly resistant to longterm sensor drift and sensor measurement errors from the sun and other environmental factors.

This helical micro-weather station is the perfect choice for climate research in tough measurement environments.

Available in SigFox and LoRaWAN. NB-IoT coming soon.

Professional WMO precision

Temperature, humidity, dew point, frost point and rain measurement

Stable long-term accuracy

3-in-1 sensor tip housed inside the helical MeteoShield® Pro offers long-term stability and low uncertainty of measurement

Accurate in all climates & weather

Housed in a MeteoShield® Pro for accurate measurement in all weather conditions and a high level of protection to the sensors

Easy calibration procedure

Traceability is assured by a removable sensor tip which is interchangeable and can be easily calibrated with a calibration adapter or replaced

View & export live weather data

allMeteo® Web portal enables easy world-wide view of your weather station data including data export, API data access and live data view.

A weather station inside the revolutionary MeteoShield Pro

Naturally ventilated helical solar shield/screen. Double-Helix shape eliminates temperature errors from solar radiation more effectively than conventional multi-plate shields while offering unsurpassed protection from the sun, dirt, rain, snow, sand & dust. Double-helix increases clean air flow and rejects dirt particles away from the sensor, while keeping sensors cleaner than traditional multi-plate and fan aspirated shields.

Benefits of the MeteoShield’s double-helix shape

  • Extending sensor life
  • Long-term measurement stability

MeteoHelix performs better than many fan-aspirated radiation shields especially in highreflectivity environments such as over snow, water, pavement or in cities in Smart-City applications.


  • self-charging with integrated solar panel and internal battery which can last up to 4 months without a charge
  • comes in two wireless versions: Sigfox and LoRaWAN


  • air temperature to WMO accuracy
  • air humidity to WMO accuracy with dew & frost point output
  • atmospheric pressure
  • solar irradiation (pyranometer)

What is included:

  • Universal steel mount and mounting screws
  • Free access to the allMETEO web portal
  • 4m (13ft) rain gauge connection cable


MeteoHelix Awards

All-in-One Weather Station with software

Manage your weather data and weather station settings in one place and export your backed up data to your favorite weather portal or analytical software.

Technical Data Sheet

Quick Start Guide


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