Barani Design MeteoRain® 200 Compact Rain Gauge
  • Barani Design MeteoRain® 200 Compact Rain Gauge
  • Barani Design MeteoRain® 200 Compact Rain Gauge
  • Barani Design MeteoRain® 200 Compact Rain Gauge
  • Barani Design MeteoRain® 200 Compact Rain Gauge

Barani Design MeteoRain® 200 Compact Rain Gauge

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MeteoRain® 200 Compact is the only ultra-low-power rain gauge capable of high-precision rain measurement without regural maintenace.

Barani Design

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The only compact professional 200 cm² ultra-low-power rain gauge capable of high-precision rain measurement without regular maintenance.  It is designed for mass sensor deployments in smart cities and smart agriculture. Its high accuracy and repeatability of measurement makes it suitable for replacing aging WMO and NWS compliant meteorological equipment.

New self-balancing magnetic tipping bucket reduces and resists the effects of dirt, vibration and installation leveling errors. It is more accurate than many “professional rain gauges” and shares the self-balancing magnetic tipping bucket mechanism with its soon to be released MeteoRain® 400 Professional.

  • Durable impact-resistant and UV sunlight resistant materials
  • Excellent accuracy of rain measurement with long-term maintenance-free operation due to the simplicity of design
  • Dirt & dust resistant magnetic self-balancing measurement principle
  • For hydrology, urban-meteorology, agriculture, smart-city, resilient city, and research.


Single drop precision with the magnetic self-balancing

  • Self-emptying magnetic tipping bucket
  • Consistency of measurement with +/- 1 drop tipping resolution
  • Very resistant to wind induced vibrations
  • Highly resistant to measurement drift from contamination and condensation
  • Magnetically stabilized self-emptying bucket is adjustable with only a screwdriver

Easy to maintain

  • Low sensitivity to non-level mounting. 
  • Simple design with electrical parts hidden from reach for reliability, easy field calibration, and maintenance.


Consistent and accurate magnetically-balanced mechanism in less affected by residual water and condensation than any other butterfly style tipping bucket mechanism. This inherent property makes MeteoRain® the most consistent self-emptying rain gauge on the market. 

  • Maintains high measuring accuracy up to rain rates of 10 mm/min (0.4”/min) mm/hr), 600 mm/min (24”/hr) or 50 tips per minute.
  • Highly resistant to wind-induced vibrations compared to standard tipping bucket rain gauges.
  • Highly resistant to drift and measurement error from dirt accumulation.
  • Magnetically stabilized for easy adjustment and consistent measurement in all non-freezing temperatures.
  • Tipping bucket design is protected. (Registration pending)


Self-cleaning material & dirt resistance

  • UV sunlight resistant material for long operational life in direct sunlight for 10+ years.
  • Good hydrophobic properties offer a self cleaning effect and good drainage for accuracy.
  • Field serviceable and easy to clean with a cloth. 
  • Replaceable sieve is easy to clean.
  • Designed for a 10+ years life in all climates.
  • Electronics are coated with a weather-resistant coating for all-weather durability including winter, snow, ice, and salt spray near the coast.


Available in ±1 % accuracy. For general use, standard factory calibration and resolution of 0.2 mm (0.2 liters per square meter) per tip offers ±2 % accuracy.


  • Best in class accuracy in high rain rates 100 - 500 mm/hr (4 - 20 in/hr)
  • Best in class accuracy in regular rain rates 0.2 - 100 mm/hr (0.0079 - 4 in/hr)
  • High sensitivity during rain rates as low as 0.2 mm (0.0079 in)
  • Universal reed switch output available in the following configurations:
  1. Normally Open (NO) (Default configuration)
  2. Normally Closed (NC) (Special order)
  • Reed switch is protected against high current and lightning induced electrical transients and electrical surges


  • Precipitation amount (accumulation)
  • Precipitation rate (intensity) when connected to the MeteoHelix weather station or a suitable data logger

What is included:

  • Universal steel mount and mounting screws

Technical Data Sheet



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