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Barani Design MeteoRain® IoT Compact Wireless Rain Gauge

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Wireless Automatic Rainfall Monitoring Station

Compact 200 cm² wireless automatic rain gauge for hydrology, urban-meteorology, agriculture, smart cities, and resilient city projects. Offers 4+ years of wireless data on one replaceable battery. Very low-maintenance and field serviceable with long-term measurement stability due to the new MeteoRain® self-balancing magnetic tipping bucket mechanism. Comes with free lifetime access to the allMETEO® weather portal and secure open communication protocol to connect directly to your own platform if required.

Barani Design

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Automatic Rainfall Monitoring Station

Wireless 200 cm² automatic rain gauge based on the MeteoRain® 200 Compact is the latest innovation for total rainfall measurement from the deserts to the tropics. 

With a battery lifetime of over 4 years, this automatic rainfall gauge will record accumulated rainfall and maximum rain rate and consistently transmit data every 10 minutes when its raining over LoRaWAN or Sigfox telemetry. Specially designed internal data logger keeps track of accumulated rain so that even in the case wireless reception loss, you can be sure not to loose a drop.

  • High-reliability self-balancing tipping bucket measuring mechanism
  • In-built data logger for rain accumulation and maximum rain intensity
  • Wireless with a full size antenna for very good signal strength
  • 4+ years useful battery lifetime 
  • No solar panel required

Precision even in torrential downpours

Consistent and accurate magnetically balanced mechanism in less effected by residual water and condensation on the tipping bucket than any other butterfly style tipping bucket mechanism. This inherent property makes MeteoRain® the most consistent self-emptying rain gauge on the market, also known as udometer, pluviometer, or an ombrometer.

  • Maintains measuring accuracy up to rain rates of 10 mm/min (0.4”/min) 600 mm/hr (24”/hr) or 50 tips per minute.
  • Highly resistant to wind induced vibrations compared to standard tipping bucket rain gauges.
  • Resistant to drift and measurement error from dirt accumulation.
  • Magnetically stabilized for easy adjustment and consistent measurement in all non-freezing temperatures.

Wireless, easy-to-install and maintenance free

Easy to install on any pole, fence or wall. Turn on/off with a magnet to activate wireless transmission. No other configuration or setup is required. Measuring tipping bucket mechanism has very low sensitivity to non-level mounting unlike conventional mechanical tipping buckets or butterfly tipping bucket rain gauges.

  • Automatic wireless setup and activation without user input for Sigfox and LoRaWAN with preconfigured wireless gateways.
  • Non-level mounting has little effect on measurement accuracy.
  • Field calibration with a singe screw driver.
  • Removable easy to clean sieve and funnel is cleanable in the field with just a rag.
  • Optional spirit-level (liquid bubble-level) for easy leveling when mounting.

Materials and construction

  • UV sunlight resistant material for stability in direct sunlight for 10+ years
  • Good hydrophobic properties for self cleaning effect and drainage for accuracy
  • Material does not attract dirt and dust
  • Simply wipe clean with a cloth
  • Designed for a 10+ years life span in all climates
  • The electronic are coated with weather-resistant coating for all-weather durability including winter, snow, ice and salt spray near the coast

Calibration Options

  • Factory standard calibration of 0.2 mm (0.2 liters per square meter) per tip with +/- 2 % accuracy. 
  • 0.10 mm/tip (0.004"/tip) Special order
  • 0.20 mm/tip (0.008"/tip) Factory default (World standard)
  • 0.25 mm/tip (0.01"/tip) Special order (USA standard)
  • 0.50 mm/tip (0.02"/tip) Special order


  • Rain accumulation
  • Rain rate
  • Frost warning at 2 ° (35.6 °F)

What is included:

  • Universal steel mount and mounting screws
  • Free access to the allMETEO web portal

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