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ADA Wall Scanner T Metal & Wire Detector

ADA Wall Scanner T metal and wire detector is intended for detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, live wires and wood structures in walls, ceilings and floor. It’s used in various fields of application: construction, repair, etc.

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Main functions:

  • Detection of metal objects to a depth up to 50 mm;
  • Detection of live wires to a depth up to 50 mm;
  • Detection of wood to a depth up to 20 mm;
  • Audio and visual alarm
  • LED scale for object detection provides you the positioning of the object regarding the housing of the tool.


  • Scanning depth of metal (magnetic), mm 50
  • Scanning depth of metal (non magnetic), mm 50
  • Scanning depth of live wires, mm 50
  • Scanning depth of wood, mm 20
  • Battery/voltage х Type/Volt 4хААА / 1,5 V
  • Weight, kg 0,18


  • Detector
  • Battery
  • Manual


  • Move the tool on the test surface to detect an object. Do not remove the sensor area from the surface. When the device approaches the object, the green LED indicators light up.
  • NOTE: In the case of live object, the device will emit sound signal and the LED light will flash red.
  • NOTE: Do not release On button untill the detection finishes. Repeat the calibration when move to another surface.

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