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ADA ZHT 70 Moisture & Temperature Meter

ADA ZHT 70 (2 in 1) is a moisture meter that measures the moisture by detecting the resistivity with the help of 2 electrodes. Electronic scheme processes received signal and moisture content is shown on the LCD display. This device is designed for moisture measurement of the wood, plaster and concrete. It’s used in the construction, in warehouses of sawn timber, wood drying plants. ADA ZHT 70 (2 in 1) simultaneously measures ambient temperature when measuring humidity.

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When measuring ADA ZHT 70 (2 in 1), the display shows the average moisture content in the material per measurement depth and ambient temperature. The last value of the measured humidity can be recorded on the display. By selecting the appropriate mode, the minimum or maximum humidity values can be displayed. There are 3 types of the wood in the memory of the tool. It is possible to select the appropriate settings, knowing the name of the wood, and using the table in the operating manual. ZHT 70 (2 in 1) is a compact size device with simple operation for fast measurements.


  • It is used for moisture measurement of the wood, plaster and concrete and so on.
  • Display with backlight
  • Display moisture values of materials and ambient temperature
  • Display minimum and maximum values
  • Automatic shut off


  • Electrode length: 10 mm
  • Moisture range of the wood: 1~70%RH
  • Accuracy: 0~30%:±1%; 30~60%:±2%;60~70%:±4%
  • Construction materials: 0.1 ~ 2.4% RH
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Temperature range: -20 ~ +70ºС/-4 ~ 158ºF
  • Accuracy: ±1.5ºС/2.7ºF
  • Power supply: 1х9В “6F22”
  • Dimensions: 163х62х30 mm
  • Weight: 153 gr


  • Detector
  • Batteries
  • Manual

Data sheet

Measurement Type

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