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Drone Services Crop Sprayer UAV

Crop Sprayer is a high quality drone designed and made in Greece. It is specialized for targeted aerial spraying and provides a complete solution with emphasis on the special needs of the professional.


Crop Sprayer

  • Fully customizable injection system
  • RTK capability
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Landscaping sequence

Designed and Made in Greece

The repairs and maintenance of the drone are done immediately in the specialized laboratory of Drone Services. There is stock of spare parts and it does not require transport abroad.

Air Surveyor Controller

Drone Services has developed a controller for professional use. With two separate screens and increased autonomy.

High productivity

  • Possibility of spraying 15-20 acres with a set of batteries
  • 11 liter container
  • Possibility to build a larger drone with a container up to 25 liters

Continuous Upgrade

Drone Services is  able to follow the developments in drone technology and apply the new features to our models. This does not require the purchase of new equipment every 2 to 3 years but its upgrade.


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