GeoMax ZAL232 Automatic Level Package with Tripod & Levelling Staff

GeoMax ZAL232 Automatic Level Package with Tripod & Levelling Staff.


  • GeoMax ZAL232 Automatic Level
  • GeoMax CTP104 Aluminium Tripod
  • GeoMax Rod5N Telescopic Aluminium Staff 5m
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This pack contains

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1. GeoMax ZAL232 Automatic Level

The Geomax ZAL232 Automatic Level is ideal for surveyors, construction professionals, builders and civil engineers for all daily levelling tasks and 360-degree horizontal angle measurements. This optical instrument features a rugged design, top-class optics, and an internal compensator to avoid readjustments, with 1/8 inch accuracy making it perfect for landscaping, fence building, layout and more.


  • Circular level sensitivity: 8'/2mm
  • 3.28-foot minimum focusing distance
  • 360-degree horizontal circle
  • IP56 dust and water resistant
  • 5/8-11 tripod thread
  • 1-year warranty

Magnetic Dampened Compensator

With excellent optics, the ZAL232 Auto Level allows for short measuring distances up to two feet. Perfect for landscaping, fence building, pipe laying and more, this survey and construction tool has a built-in magnetic dampened compensator with a range of ±15 arc-minutes and an accuracy of 0.5 arc-second.

Selectable Horizontal Circle

The 360° horizontal circle can be read in either degrees or gons and is positioned next to the telescope. For easy aiming, this Geomax auto level has a circular bubble and an external sight. It also features a large focusing knob and double sided, endless drive for quick and precise targeting. The ZAL200 series can be mounted on a flat or dome head tripod.

Dust and Water Resistant

With a sealed and shock protected housing, the Geomax ZAL200 is highly resistant to bumps and withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Even following a short drop, this construction instrument will continue to work with the same reliability and accuracy. With an IP-56 rating, the ZAL232 Auto Level is well protected against dust and water splashes.


  • GeoMax ZAL232 Automatic Level 
  • Hard carrying case
  • Adjustment tools [Bent Pick, Allen Key]
  • User manual
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

2. GeoΜax CTP104 Aluminum Tripod with Fast Clamps (1.65m)


  • Adjustable height: 2.8 to 5.4 feet
  • Medium-duty aluminum construction
  • Fast clamps for quick, stable set-up
  • Triangular head with 5/8-11 threading
  • Allows switch between rubber feet & spikes
  • Plumb bob hook for leveling
  • Ideal for use w/ Geomax NA700 series levels
  • Silver finish with yellow trimming

3. GeoMax Rod5N Leveling Staff 5m


  • Strong & lightweight aluminum construction
  • Adjustable sections
  • Extends up to 5 meters

Data sheet

Horizontal circle
Working Temperature
Dust / Water Protection
Accuracy at 1 km double leveling
± 1.9 mm
Scope Magnification
Level Type
Automatic Level Set