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Leica NA720 Automatic Level

The Leica NA720 is, quite simply, the ultimate construction dumpy level thanks in no small part to its ultra heavy duty construction and it ability to remain precise even in extreme site conditions.

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The NA720 can be completely immersed in water thanks to its water tight seals and IP57 protection. The same seals provide protection against dust ingress whilst the solid metal body and gas-filled telescope ensure that the NA720 can even be dropped a short distance and survive.

This same technology also ensures that the Leica NA720 shrugs off vibration caused by trains, road traffic or machinery. Unlike some other levels you won't need to adjust it after exposure to vibration or light impacts. This level just keeps on working whatever you throw at it, operating flawlessly between -20° and +50°C.

The NA720 features 20x magnification through super-clear, advanced optics that produce an upright telescopic image, a very short minimum focus distance (0.5m) and superb results even in low light conditions.

Simple, smooth and accurate targeting is achieved thanks to the double-sided 'fine drive' and the 360°/400 gon selectable movement, the wide objective diameter and conveniently placed level bubbles.


  • The ultimate construction dumpy level from Leica
  • Double sided 'fine drive'
  • Standard deviation/accuracy of 2.5mm over a 1km double levelling run
  • Wide temperature operating range (-20° to +50°C)
  • 0.5 minimum focus distance
  • Waterproof and dust resistant (can be fully immersed)
  • Vibration resistant
  • Simple to use
  • Gas filled telescope
  • Comes with hardened carrying case and shoulder strap

Data sheet

Dust / Water Protection
Accuracy at 1 km double leveling
± 2.5 mm
Scope Magnification
Level Type

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