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Leica NA324 - Automatic Level Package with Tripod and Levelling Staff

Leica NA324 Bundle Package. Includes CTP104 aluminum tripod and CLR102 telescopic stage of 5 meter . The ideal package for high precision Surveying work. With the quality and guarantee of Leica Geosystems.

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This pack contains

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1. Leica NA324 Automatic Level

The Leica NA300 Series of automatic (optical) levels has been developed for professionals who are looking for the highest quality results day by day. With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces on construction and building sites, the levels NA300 levels rise to the occasion and ensure the straightest and safest construction possible.

2. Leica CTP104 - Aluminum Tripod

The aluminum tripod has fast clamps for fast stable setups. With the triangular head and 5/8 x 11 fixing screw with a hook for plumb bob, this tripod is ideal for levels, lasers, and construction theodolites. It also comes with chains to prevent sliding and ensuring accurate readings at all times.

3. Leica CLR102 - Metric Aluminum Leveling Staff

The aluminum telescopic staff CLR102 is lightweight and a functional tool for optical levels. It features E-scale on 1 side and millimeter graduations on the other. It is composed of 4 telescoping sections and its height extends up to 16.4' (5 m). The telescopic staff has a clip-on bubble level for precision.


Data sheet

Horizontal circle
Dust / Water Protection
Accuracy at 1 km double leveling
± 2 mm
Scope Magnification
Level Type
Automatic Level Set

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